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Ideas for Summertime Family Fun

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

With many recreation activities canceled or significantly altered because of this year's pandemic and social distancing guidelines, families are getting creative to keep their kids energized and engaged. Consider this list of activities to help create a memorable summer for your kids and share some family fun time together.

Organize a family Olympics. The summer Olympics were supposed to be starting in Tokyo this month, but have been postponed until next summer. Instead, you can bring the games to your backyard! Each family member can choose a country to represent and then participate in several competitions that the family picks. They can be physical challenges, like a race or throwing balls in a bucket or mental like a board or card game. Keep track of the winners and host a medal ceremony at the end!

Create a summer book club. Reading is a great way to stay sharp through the summer months. Create a family goal to each read a set number of books by Labor Day. Then discuss reading preferences with each child to give them a say in their reading material. The goal is to find topics or authors that will energize your reader, so it's more fun and not seen as a chore.

Plant a midsummer garden together. Even though spring is past us, it's not too late to start a veggie garden. There are several vegetables that can be planted in July and even August that will grow in time to harvest in the fall. The list includes beets, broccoli, cabbage, cilantro, kale, peas, and turnips. Even if you already have a garden, maybe expand it or add new plants.

Host a bake-off. Choose your baking teammates or battle individually! Search for a recipe that appeals to your group and tackle a recipe or design that will challenge your bakers. Pickup or gather all necessary ingredients and set a day and time for your competition. You'll all get to eat some yummy baked goods or at least get to post a funny picture of your not-so-great attempt. Nailed it!

Go on a scavenger hike. Hiking is fun way to get fresh air and exercise, but hiking with a scavenger hunt is even better! Find a local park or hiking-friendly area and make a list of things to find while you're on the trail or search online for an outdoor scavenger hunt list. You can even try geocaching to look for pre-hidden treasures. Check out to learn more.

Make a time capsule. This is especially interesting during this unique time in our lives right now. Each family member could make their own time capsule or there might be one container for the whole family to share. Here are a few ideas for what to include: newspaper/magazine clippings, awards or certificates, art projects, photos, and favorite quotes or advice for your future self. Jot down your feelings and predictions for the coming months and years, so you can compare to what actually happened. Don't forget to set an open-by date so you can look forward to celebrating your family history.

Take a moonlit walk. Gather some bug spray and flashlights and go on a walk after dark. Some very interesting creatures roam the ground and sky when the sun goes down. Watch for bats, owls, foxes, possums, and more. Try some star-gazing while your at it and bring along some binoculars or a telescope.

Don’t let this unique summer keep you from making amazing memories. With a little brain-storming and planning, you might be able to make it the best summer ever!

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