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Count on Your CPA Year-round

The importance of a Certified Public Accountant is always more evident during tax season. But CPAs are also crucial throughout the whole tax year for optimizing your personal and business finances.

Life is often viewed as a series of stages - childhood, graduation, parenthood, and retirement, to name a few. Like the points on a clock, time moves us from one stage to the next. No matter what "time" it is in your life cycle, you probably share a common worry: money.

Managing money for today is one thing, but making decisions to ensure adequate funds for the next stage is quite another.

The CPA commitment. As trusted advisors, CPAs across the country have made a commitment to increase financial literacy. How? By volunteering to educate the public about financial issues and the decisions that must be made at every stage of life. Americans are faced with significant financial concerns, but often have insufficient financial literacy. Bright and even highly educated people sometimes have trouble speaking the language of money, often to their economic detriment.

To combat this trend, the CPA profession has united around a cause to educate Americans, rich and poor, young and old, on how to better handle their finances. With the life cycle "clock" as a model, CPAs have taken a full, 360-degree view of the challenges Americans face. For each milestone, the profession has solid, practical advice to share. You might say CPAs are once again emphasizing the term "public" in their title.

Which brings us to our firm. We have accepted the call to educate our community. We would be pleased to speak to your organization about life's financial challenges. We can also speak to students or provide classrooms with timely, interesting material on money and financial issues.

If you would like to find out more about the CPA's professional drive to improve financial literacy, feel free to contact us. Life's financial clock is ticking. Let us help you before the alarm goes off.

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