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7 Tax Tips to Start the New Year

Updated: Jan 16

As a new year is beginning, here are 7 helpful tax pointers to get you going into the new year with a brighter tax future on your horizon.

  1. Review beneficiaries. Now is the time to review beneficiaries in all your retirement accounts and insurance policies. While it might not impact your tax situation, it could impact others if not structured correctly.

  2. Fully fund FSA or MSA. Flexible Savings Accounts and Medical Savings Accounts are a great way to pay for qualified, medical, dental, and vision care. But it only works if you fund your account, so check with your employer and plan to take full advantage of this great tax benefit.

  3. Fund retirement accounts. Plan now to take advantage of the many retirement planning options. Whether it be a 401(k) or one of many versions of IRAs, they are a great way to manage your tax obligation, while planning for your future.

  4. Consider any anticipated tax events. Life events are the biggest cause of tax surprises. So if you are planning to move, retire, get married or divorced, have kids, or change jobs you should know of the tax impact before it happens. You could save thousands.

  5. Review withholdings. Coupled with number 4, any changes could impact your tax obligation and should impact how much you have withheld during the year. So consider an annual review of your situation and adjust your withholdings accordingly.

  6. Consider the child factor. This one is important because of the numerous tax benefits associated with children. It can mean funding a 529 program, or opening a Roth IRA if your older children have earned income. It can mean understanding when benefits expire as your children age or planning for college age children. The bottom line, conduct a tax review specific to your children.

  7. Consider your property. Selling a home, stocks, bonds, or digital currency all have potential tax implications. So if any of these are on the horizon consider taking a planned approach. It could save you a bundle.

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